International Journal of Advanced Chemistry Research

International Journal of Advanced Chemistry Research

Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part B (2022)

A review on molecular docking analysis highlighting the role of herbs in the control of skin diseases


Aishwarya Jain and Kiran Bhise


The chief consideration in formulation technology should be the target site for the product application. Hence molecular docking is the in silico method which is highly efficient as compared to the in vitro and in vivo analysis, it can even discover the active compound in the medicinal plants. The compound is portrayed in three dimensional forms via molecular docking. The usage of computers and software’s has led to an increase in computing capabilities that provide opportunities to develop calculations and simulations in the designing of the drug. This method includes a structure based drug design and ligand based drug design1. To understand the formulation requirements of each body area; several critical concepts must be clarified. First, the anatomy and physiology of the body's various sites must be identified. For instance, is the skin in the area sebaceous gland, transitional between dry and moist, bearing hair, age related, marked by the presence of sweat glands, hormonally mediated, acne prone etc. The second consideration is the dermatological diseases afflicted with the skin area. An ideal skin care product should possess the prescribed medications for the allied diseases condition, but it should also maintain the health of the skin and should also prevent it from the reversibility of the dermatological gridlock. Third, the hygiene of the skin and the mucous present must also be considered very cautiously. Lastly, a through notion should be given on skin health and what requirements it should met to allow it maintain a healthy skin2
Only after fulfilling all these conditions a formulation will be issued. Failure to give the necessary consideration will result in a product that meets with initial enthusiasm, due to well-constructed marketing claims, but short-term product performance, may lack efficacy. Although some plants are used in the treatment of various skin diseases, as natural treatment is cheap, safe and efficacious as compared to conventional allopathic drugs. Hence, this review would contain the brief introduction of various parts of the skin and diseases associated with it, herbs used in the treatment for the skin aliments and the in silico docking of the same.

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